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EMDR, IFS, EFT - therapist
Family therapy, hypnosis, trauma
Sex therapist
Author of lectures and courses in psychology for general audience

«Не бывает плохих людей. Бывают те, кому на пути не встретился никто, кто смог бы их понять и принять.»

Carl Rogers

Member of the Society of Emotion Focus Therapists (Moscow)

Member of ICEFT (Canada)

Valid member of the Professional Psychotherapy League

MRI and ICI Certified Coach

About me

Over 8 years of practice

Over 6000 sessions for clients all around the world

As therapist I grew on the basis of client-oriented therapy of Carl Rogers: "Every person has a positive beginning. A type of inner power, which helps to overcome life difficulties, start to better understand other people".

I help clients to see the power in themselves.

Empathy, gentleness and belief in unique characteristics of everyone are main staples in my work.

Requests that I work with

Loss, deprivation

Separations, divorce

Resentment and emotional suffering

Loneliness, difficulties in creating relationships

Family conflicts, disagreements

Problems in sexual life of partners

Lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem

Internal conflicts

Emotional complications in communication with children

Panic attacks, phobias

Psychological trauma consequences

Life path analysis, self analysis, life scenarios

Loss of life purpose

Approaches in my work

Individual psychological consultation and psychotherapy with adults  

Couples therapy (including mixed couples – representatives of different cultures/nationalities) in Russian and English          

Work with parents on the issues of children raising and development (work with kids directly upon necessity)        

Coaching work – personal growth and professional expansion      

Group sessions (field, online, upon request)     

Mentoring of beginner psychologists    

Accept in person sessions in Cyprus (Nicosia). Temporarily not available for in person sessions in Moscow.

Work ONLINE worldwide (Zoom).

Consult in Russian and English.

Session rules

Common rules

You can sign-up for consultation HERE

If no session slots are available in the nearest month, you can be put on a waiting list.

I do not hold preliminary free sessions.

Before signing up to a consultation, please carefully ready all the rules! Consultation and session - is the same thing. Psychologists usually refer to them as sessions, clients refer to them as consultations. It is in fact our meeting.

Now I consult in person only in Cyprus in Nicosia. Online - all over the world.

How to pay

Payment for session has to be done not later than 22.00 of the previous day.
How many consultations will we need? This depends on what you are coming with. Some requests can be solved in one session (this is not psychotherapy).
Sometimes requests require short-term therapy (under a year), sometimes long-term therapy (over a year).

Rules for in-person sessions

1. Length of a session is 50 min. Current session price is fixed to a client for a period of 1 year. The first session is usually done for acquaintance and can last longer without extra charge.

2. If we decide to continue joint therapeutic work, then the recommended frequency of meetings is once a week. This will allow us to work efficiently and track changes in the process. In the future, the interval between sessions may be increased. Therapy involves meeting regularly, ideally at the same time each week.

Appointment for first session is done after 100% prepayment.

Payment method depends on your location. Payment can be affected in EURO, USD and RUB.

4. If you are late, the session time will not be extended. If you are more than 20 minutes late, the meeting is considered completed.

5. Please inform about the cancellation of the session at least 24 hours in advance. Your slot can be used by someone else, for whom it may be very important. Give other clients a chance, and you may get the same chance in the future if needed. In case session is cancelled in less than 24 hours, session has to be paid in full.

Rules for online sessions

1. Online sessions are conducted in ZOOM. A zoom link is forwarded to client on the day of the session or a day prior to it.

2. It is important to understand that an online session is a full-fledged meeting, so please treat it with due attention, do not do the session while running, on the way to work from the car or during lunch. You should find a comfortable place where you can retire and no one will disturb you.

3. Please make sure that you have access to high speed WiFi network or mobile internet connection. You are responsible for the internet connection quality.

Ethical principles

I am strictly abiding by the following ethical principles in my work:


Non-harmful approach

Respect for dignity of all people


Book an appointment

Consultations are conducted in person or online and can be individual or for couples. Price on request.


I am a big fan of my profession

I was born in Moscow. Graduated from MGIMO University for my first degree.

In 2018, we emigrated to Cyprus with my husband and children, where I opened a private psychological practice. Emigration gave me the start of my work with English-speaking clients and international couples.

I came to psychology from law through personal psychotherapy. Almost overnight, leaving a successful career as a lawyer, I began studying psychology at Moscow State University (Practical personality psychology). In total, I have four University Degrees. In 2023, I defended my master’s thesis on the topic: “Peculiarities of interpersonal relationships of spouses with cross-cultural differences.”

My training in new skills and approaches from the best trainers and specialists in the world continues to this day. I follow the latest research and developments in science and regularly attend international specialized conferences.

I am a big fan of my profession and now I know for sure that I am in the right place.

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